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Music video release @ Keansburg High School

Music video release @ Keansburg High School

I had such an awesome time being able to perform at Keansburg because a few of the students that went there were a part of my video and also because they got to experience the debut of my music video coming out! I performed 3 of my own songs and Royals by Lorde with my band. Towards the end everyone started dancing and singing along with me and it was soo much fun!  I told everyone to follow my instagram, twitter, etc and they really did when my phone was blowing up with notifications about me and my performance later when I checked it! After I performed, I received a Proclamation by the Mayor of Keansburg. I didn’t know at the moment what it was but looking back now with more information about it makes me feel special and overall.. honored! I also want to thank the everyone at the school for letting me be there and experience my amazing day with them & most importantly George Hoff! Everyone was very supportive. I am very lucky to have my team right by my side and help out with so many things no one would ever think of!!.. I couldn’t thank them enough! From the people behind the music and performance, to behind the set during the filming, and also everyone who set up all the equipment, I want to say thanks for taking time out of your days and helping me out! <3
I then walked over to the Red Carpet and took a few hundred pictures and signed a lot of autographs! It was pretty cool. Everyone left with bracelets and some with Tshirts of mine!  My video keeps going up in numbers and I hope it stays that way for the long run! I deff wanna do another video soon & WAY MORE performances for schools to just meet, interact, and have a fun time with all the kids my age! :)


January 31st, 2014

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