Alexis Biesiada
01 Jan 1970 |


My Writing Process

Sometimes it’s hard thinking of a new song and coming up with the lyrics to it. I always have to think about a few things like what kind of song I want, how fast the beat is, and what it’s about. Next, I have to think of a cool and catchy melody that people will be able to pick up on, and put it together with the lyrics of course… (those aren’t extremely hard but I always get stuck because I think of another one of my songs). Finally, I end up getting it. I’ll record it and try different things to see if I like them or not… and I won’t be easy on myself either because I critique myself A LOT. It’s always worth it in the end, until I get it the way I like it. When it’s all done & finished I usually listen to it about 100x a day ;p


May 10th, 2014

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