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01 Jan 1970 |


Working with Taryn Manning

 Just recently I worked with a very talented and inspiring actress/artist, Taryn Manning. Besides talking to her about her role in the popular show “Orange is the New Black” and movie “8 Mile”.. we got to learn more about each other. She was so down to earth and I felt like I could relate to her whether it was about music or my personal life.

After talking and meeting for a while, we started to work on my newest song “ERASE”. The song is about trying to erase someone from my mind but not being able to. As I was recording, Taryn helped me bring out something that I never usually use.. my head voice. I wasn’t singing full out for parts of the song and was practically humming when she told me to try it like that on the next take. I was surprised with the way it ended up sounding and kept taking all her advice.

I’m so excited to let everyone hear it soon especially with a video within the next month or so! I’ve already been thinking of cool concepts for the video to have. Stay posted for it and possibly a surprise as well :)

Tarynn Manning


November 5th, 2014

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